We are The Crafting Concept.

The Crafting Concept was founded in 2014 with a vision of allowing anyone and everyone to express their creativity and individuality through their everyday wear.

Crafted by people and ideas, The Crafting Concept handcrafts your ideas to make them into a reality.


We allow you to create customised and personalised items with our wide assortment of prints and patterns.




n Entrepreneur.

I've always been enthused about creating my own accessories that represent who I am. What we wear on the outside helps us build our confidence within.

The Crafting Concept is a perfect marriage of passion and advocacy. My goal is to allow everyone to create their own unique pieces through what I do best.

I hope you enjoy our products that are handmade in sunny singapore 🇸🇬 

Woman Cutting Fabric



Global Sourcing

We support local and overseas fabric retailers to bring you the best of the best selections across the globe.


Local Inventory

All fabrics and materials are shipped to us for quality checks and testing. We also keep a local inventory to quickly fulfil all your customisations.


Handmade Perfection

Each order process starts with your idea, - which is then carefully handcrafted to perfection.